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From its inception, Zarsky Lumber has always been a "family business". 

In 1928, brothers Frank and Charlie Zarsky saw a need and opened a lumber company in Woodsboro, Texas. They found success and began to follow the growth of the expanding oil business. They established locations in Refugio County, the Rio Grande Valley, Corpus Christi, and McAllen. The company flourished by providing timbers and drilling mud to workers in the field. 

In 1935, Henry Smaystrla, Frank's and Charlie's brother-in-law, ran the Victoria store. Henry recruited WD "Bill" Coleman to manage that location in 1936. Bill had previously worked for William Cameron & Company in Waxahachie, Texas. 

Dan Coleman, Bill's youngest son, joined the Zarsky family in the late 1950's, after his father had suffered a heart attack. The father and son worked side by side for decades to follow. In 1975, Dan took over as manager of the Victoria branch. 

Tragically, the year 1976 came with the loss of both Frank and Charlie. At this point, John Breaker, Frank's son-in-law, became chairman of the board. Not too long after that, Dan Coleman worked his way up to become President and CEO. 

In 1985, the original Woodsboro location closed its doors. However, even with this loss, Zarsky Lumber Company became a major player under Dan's and John's leadership. Zarsky was ranked high on top dealer lists in industry publications, such as Pro Dealer Magazine and National Home Center News. The company continued its growth and opened and closed stores throughout the 1980's and 1990's. There are eight locations, currently: McAllen, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Wharton, Los Fresnos, Kingsville, Laredo, and Port Aransas. 

Cally Coleman Fromme worked with her father, Dan Coleman, for more than 20 years. In the fall of 2012, as a third generation within the company, she took over the role of President and CEO, as Dan's health began to decline. Dan passed away in May of 2013 and left a life and industry that he loved. 

Throughout her tenure, Cally enjoyed the support of a board of directors that included descendents of the Zarsky family. Along with her board, Cally and the stockholders made a bold, yet carefully measured, decision to sell the family business to a new family of companies, Kodiak Building Partners. The transaction was finalized in July of 2015. 

Kodiak Building Partners is based in Denver, Colorado and was established in 2011. Kodiak allows their acquired companies to continue to run like the family businesses that they are. They recognize that successful businesses need to make decisions at the level closest to their customers. On their website, Kodiak states, "It is our core belief that if we strive to be a family, not just co-workers, it will lead to great things for each and every one of us." 

In that same vein, Kodiak selected Phillip Steffy to serve as Zarsky's new President, as Cally took a role with Kodiak. Phillip had been with the company for over 30 years and was very much a part of the Zarsky family. He had worked with John Breaker, very closely with Dan Coleman, and Cally Coleman Fromme. It was a natural transition that caused no disruption to the company's highly valued employees and customers.