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Starting Them Early

SOUTH TEXAS – Cally Coleman Fromme, vice president of business development at Zarsky Lumber in Victoria, says she is constantly thinking of ways to get young people interested in the construction industry – and specifically the lumber and building materials industry.

As a past chair of the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association, Fromme wanted ...

Kodiak Acquires Zarsky Lumber

Kodiak Acquires Zarsky Lumber Photo

A nearly 90-year-old Victoria-based business will soon join a Colorado-based building company.

Kodiak Building Partners and Zarsky Lumber Co. top management members announced Thursday that Kodiak is in the process of purchasing all the operating assets of Zarsky.

"The name ...

Long-time Donor, Volunteer Remembered for Helping

A mission with the magnitude of Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity’s, one that breaks the cycle of poverty for a family and impacts generations to come, is only accomplished by the hands of many. These faithful servants of the Lord generously share their time and resources, usually without fanfare or celebration. In May 2013, the Habitat family sadly ...

National Newspaper Association winning ad

National Newspaper Association winning ad Photo

National Newspaper Association winners for Zarsky Lumber Co. ad series in the Port Aransas South Jetty.

Meeting with Congressman Lamar Smith

Meeting with Congressman Lamar Smith Photo

Zarsky Lumber Company met with Congressman Lamar Smith to discuss government regulations (Innocent Sellers' Fairness Act and the EPA Lead Paint Rule) and how they affect our industry. The meeting took place at TimberTech in Cibilo, Texas.

Assistant manager celebrates 50 years

Assistant manager celebrates 50 years Photo

The year was 1963.

President John F. Kennedy was eight months shy of being assassinated on Dealey Plaza, gas lingered around 20 cents a gallon and Paul Oeding was beginning to learn the lumberyard business.

The year is now 2013, ...

Lumberman serves industry for more than 60 years

Lumberman serves industry for more than 60 years Photo

Not many people can say the first place they worked was the place they chose to stay, but Dan Coleman is among the select few.

Now president and CEO of Zarsky Lumber Co., Inc., Coleman's first money-making endeavor was a ...

Fromme receives association award

Fromme receives association award Photo

 — Cally Coleman Fromme, executive vice president of Zarsky Lumber, has been honored by the North American Retail Hardware Association with the organization's Top Gun Award.

The award is presented annually by the NRHA to the four independent ...