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05/01/15 Kodiak Acquires Zarsky Lumber

A nearly 90-year-old Victoria-based business will soon join a Colorado-based building company.

Kodiak Building Partners and Zarsky Lumber Co. top management members announced Thursday that Kodiak is in the process of purchasing all the operating assets of Zarsky.

"The name will remain the same, and all of the employees the same," said Cally Fromme, CEO of Zarsky Lumber. "They like the way we do things, and they can see the trajectory that we are on as a business."

The acquisition will include Zarsky's 10 locations in South Texas and about 200 employees. The transaction should be finalized by the end of June.

Fromme, who will become vice president of business development with Kodiak when the sale is complete, said the company was ideal to do business with because it values retaining the company's existing structure.

"We went with a company that would be a good fit for our employees and our customers. That was our primary focus," Fromme said.

Steve Swinney, Kodiak's CEO, said the transaction was a natural move for the company.

Zarsky and Kodiak have had a working relationship for years, he said. And as Kodiak continues to expand and invest in Texas, where more than half of the company's revenue is generated, Zarsky stood out to Kodiak.

"Part of the acquisition process is looking for great companies with great cultures," Swinney said. "The culture at Zarsky fits with what Kodiak believes very much - serving customers with integrity and serving the community."

Kodiak Building Partners owns 21 locations throughout Texas, Colorado, Michigan and New England with products ranging from fabricated steel, gypsum, cabinets and appliances and building materials.

Fromme expects Zarsky can take advantage of the various companies under Kodiak's ownership to better serve its loyal clients.

"Down the road we can buy more products and pass on more savings to our customers," she said. "This is just like having extra tools in our toolbox."

When Fromme moves into her new role with Kodiak, Phillip Steffy will move into the president role for Zarsky, and Steve Weaver and Travis Fromme will become executive vice presidents for the company.

"We always keep the local brand in place, and we do change very little," Swinney said. "Any time there are changes, it's by the local teams."